road trip

Freezing Fog on the way to Silverton

Silverton Oregon Freezing Fog Freezing Fog in Silverton Oregon

It was 30 – 32 degrees the whole day yesterday! The sun never came out on our way up to and back from Silverton, Oregon to drop off the quilts for the Oregon Garden Quilt Show next week. And so near downtown Silverton we were amazed by this beautiful effect that the freezing fog has on trees, bushes, and even weeds! Everything looked like it had been smocked by spray paint! The world had turned black and white…ah, Mother Nature, she is a clever girl! Fortunately the roads were good and dry. But the landscape was sparkling with ice and oh so beautiful.

Oh, and all twenty-five Pine Needler quilts were dropped off at the Oregon Garden on time. Mary and her crew at the Garden were expertly organized and they were functioning as a well-oiled machine. So I’m really looking forward to next Friday and Saturday’s show. I believe all the vendors and raffle quilts will be in the building next to the gift shop and not actually in the quilt show venue, but I’m sure all the Garden guests will be finding their way to us because once you are in the Garden, it’s so fun to walk around….even in this weather the garden looks beautiful!

See you at the show on Friday, January 25 or Saturday, January 26th! Make sure you buy your raffle tickets for the Pine Needlers 2013 Raffle quilt….it’s a stunner this year!

Blackberry Jam Raffle Quilt 2013 by Lowell Pine Needlers


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