Quilt Show Ribbons – The Best in the Land!

Ribbon Making6

Yes, the Pine Needlers give out the BEST awards of any quilt show I’ve ever seen! Our ribbons are all handmade and each one is unique. Many different fabrics go into making them, along with some satin and a very cool one-of-a-kind button that graces the center. Makes you want to get into your studio and start working on a quilt so you can win one, doesn’t it?

Ribbon Making16

One of our Pine Needler members, Carey, found a pattern online and taught us how to make these. She is an amazing quilter and seamstress and we knew this was a project she could tackle with her garment and costume sewing past.This weekend the girls are getting together to begin the process….and it is a process! Each ribbon takes a long time to make and goes through many steps of construction. But it’s one way we differential our show from others.

We are small, but we are mighty!



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