raffle quilts

Raffle Quilts of the Past

2005 BBJam Raffle Quilt
2005 Raffle Quilt

The raffle quilt that started it all! Our very first quilt show in 2005 was started by me. After seeing the Blackberry Jam Festival upon moving to Lowell, I knew we needed to add a little something to the festivities. So the quilt show was born.

But the Pine Needler quilt group didn’t yet exist, and I wanted to feature a raffle quilt at the show, so I donated this one that I had made. This quilt raised about $300 and was the beginning of things to come.

Although I had been to many quilt shows over the years, I had never organized one before. Someone on the BBJam committee told me to call Teri H. and said she was a local quilter who had been involved in shows in Eugene. Sure enough, I called her and without even a blink of the eye – and she didn’t even know me, she volunteered to help me! That was the beginning of the quilt show. Teri helped me plan and organize the show and we figured out how it would all work. She helped me all weekend during the show and we were off and running. 2013 will be our 9th annual show!

Not long after, a quilt group was born….but that’s another story!


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