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7 Days to Go!

Blackberry Jam Raffle Quilt 2013 by Lowell Pine Needlers

This beauty of a quilt is going home with someone THIS SUNDAY! So if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, run – don’t walk – to get some! Where do you get some? You’ve got several options at this point, and no, it’s not too late! They are only $1 each or 6 for $5.00. All the proceeds raised go back into the town of Lowell. Last year the Pine Needlers gave money to the Lowell Food Pantry, the Lowell Firehall, the Lowell Library, the Elementary School Clothes Closet and the Blackberry Jam Festival.

To purchase:

  • Come to the quilt show and buy some!
  • Contact Lisa Bee-Wilson, Quilt Show Director at lisa[at]towerhousepeope[dot]com
  • Visit the Blackberry Jam Festival Information Booth in the park starting this Friday



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