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2015 Raffle Quilt is Almost Done

raffle quilt shattered iceOur raffle quilt for 2015 is underway.

And gosh, no, we don’t have any fun when we put it together! Somehow this year, we finished the top well ahead of schedule during our meeting (a first in eleven years), and so after lunch we all went on our merry way because none of us had brought other projects to work on. But in past years we’ve never finished this early. Weird. But good.

This year’s raffle quilt will be called “Shattered Ice” and is a beautiful blue, gray, and silver paper pieced extravaganza. The pattern is by Tara Faughnan and she calls it “Fireworks.” We had to enlarge it a bit so it is 92″x92,” but that only took three extra days….ha! It all worked out in the end.

So stay tuned for updates as we finish the quilt and get it ready for ticket sales.


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