the show


There will be pictures coming soon, but we wanted to put out the list of winners for our show as soon as possible. And here they are! Congratulations all!


1st place – #6,  “Growing Up” by Kathleen Frazer
2nd place – #52,  “Sedona Stripes” by Martha Austin
3rd place – #19,  “Scrappy Starfall” by Christine Daniels

Best Traditional

1st place – #31,  “Square Dance” by Shirley Dilley
2nd place – #21,  “Study in 3D” by Martha Austin
3rd place – #14,   “Baskets of Friendship” by Teri Harter

Best Small-Sized

1st place – #32,  “Burning Embers” by Martha Austin
2nd place – #59,  “Blowing in the Wind” by Wanda Kay Niemi
3rd place – #3,  “Batik Rings” by Gerry Burr

Best Applique

1st place – #7,  “Flower Garden” by Kathleen Frazer
2nd place – #47,  “Cabin in the Woods” by Teri Harter
3rd place – #2,    “BuRR” by Gerry Burr

Best Art/Color

1st place – #25,  “Clam Shells” by Lisa Bee-Wilson
2nd place – #18,  “Urban Living” by Lora Seale
3rd place – #4,  “Blue Lagoon” by Gerry Burr

Best Challenge Fabric Piece

1st place – #60,  “A Half-Moon Storied Garden” by Carey Ravare
2nd place – #5,  “Falling Leaves” by Gerry Burr
3rd place – #58, “Urban Pods” by Diane Stephens

Best Quilting (hand or machine)
1st place – #10,  “Lemons” by Lora Seale
2nd place – #37,  “Honey Time” by Angie Erlei
3rd place – #33, “Moda Charm” by Catherine Strong

Honorable Mentions

#61,  “Salvage Fun” by Chris Guill
#38,  “Read All About It: Part 2” by Wanda Kay Niemi
#28,  “Trees” by Diane Stephens

BEST OF SHOW:     #7, “Flower Garden” by Kathleen Frazer

Congratulations to all of our winners!  A huge thank you to our viewers, who recognized so much beauty and talent, and took the time to vote and support our show.  A special thank you to Carey Ravare and the ribbon making team, who put together the most beautiful ribbons in the land. More posts to come on the results of our show, so stay tuned!


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