2018 Handmade Gifts Sale

Each year the Pine Needlers and other local Lowell residents make and donate lots of wonderful gifts and items that we put up for sale at our quilt show.  And new this year we have our very own Etsy.com site! The site is filled with beautiful gifts and items. As soon as the items are available, we put them up for sale. What doesn’t sell online in the months before the quilt show, will then be sold at the quilt show sale table. The sale is a two-day sale which has the same hours as the quilt show.

Below are just a few of the 2018 items made for the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show. Each item was handmade by a local craftswoman! The money raised for the sale of these items is donated to various organizations within the town of Lowell, Oregon. You are supporting great organizations in the small town of Lowell, population less than 1,000. Thank you!

So head over to our Etsy.com site and go shopping!

Click HERE to shop now! Our Etsy.com site is called “PineNeedlerHandmade.” Spread the word!

All items unsold at the end of the show on Sunday may be donated to the raffle. The sale will be held for TWO DAYS – on Saturday and Sunday. The sale will end at 3 pm on the Sunday.

Here are some of our items from last year…