2018 Blackberry Jam Quilt Show Donations

Thank you to all of you who supported the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show through purchases of raffle tickets, sale table items, or monetary donations. On behalf of the town of Lowell, and the many organizations that receive these funds, we appreciate your support. Here are the organizations that will be receiving funds this year:

$500 Lowell Grange Hall for lighting project

$500 Lowell & Fall Creek Education Fund for Teacher’s grants

$500 Lundy Elementary Backpack Program

$100 + $500 In-kind Donations Covered Bridge Quilters for quilting supplies to make comfort quilts for the community

$100 Lowell Library for Senior Moments Program

$300 Lundy Elementary School

$500 Blackberry Jam Festival

$540 Lowell Rural Fire Protection District for repair of water rescue breathing units

For a grand total of $3,040 donated back to the community!

2 thoughts on “2018 Blackberry Jam Quilt Show Donations”

  1. This is wonderful. Congratulations to all of us. Nice job. Lisa, is there a way to get this in the Bridge. Two thumbs up, Teri

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