Each year our small group of women called the Lowell Pine Needlers organize and put on the annual Blackberry Jam Quilt Show in Lowell, Oregon. Lowell is a very small town, population just over 1,000 folks, and so our show and raffle quilt have a big impact. The quilt show is held during the annual Blackberry Jam Festival which is a family friendly low-key community event with live music, food, and crafts. We added the quilt show in 2005 to this long-running event and it has been very popular.

Each year the Pine Needlers make and donate a quilt to be raffled off at the event in July. Every year the quilt is different and wonderful! Tickets can be purchased from any of the Pine Needlers, at the Blackberry Jam Festival, or ordered online through Eventbrite.

The money raised from the sale of raffle tickets goes back into the town of Lowell in various ways. Past recipients have been the Firehall, the High School, the Lundy Elementary school, The Lowell High School Teachers Programs, the Food Pantry, the Library and the Blackberry Jam Festival.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi – Your site says to drop off quilts on Friday, July 28. I think you must mean July 27th. Correct?

  2. Yes, Friday, July 27th is correct! So sorry for the confusion. I’d like to correct this, which site and/or page did you see the incorrect information on….do you remember? Thanks so much.

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