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Not to Late to Purchase Raffle Tickets!

2017 raffle quilt (4)

Buy some today! All you have to do is click over to EVENTBRITE and purchase the raffle tickets online. We really appreciate your support.

More about this years quilt:

  • Pattern inspiration by Jacquie Gering
    93″ x 110″
  • Machine Quilted by Lora Seale
  • Quilt made by the Lowell Pine Needlers

Need more information about how to do this? Check out our show’s website page about buying the raffle tickets. Get comfy with the idea of buying them online. We’ve been doing this for several years now and it works great. Eventbrite sends us a check (made out to the Blackberry Jam Festival) a few weeks after the show ends. No muss, no fuss.

So support our local community by purchase tickets today! Did I mention TODAY? I mean RIGHT NOW!! Thank you for your support.

Oh, and don’t be shy….send this page onto your friends so we can let more and more people know about our show.