2016 Silent Auction

Below are the 2016 Auction Items for the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show. Each item was handmade by a local craftswoman!

The money raised for the sale of these items will be donated to various organizations within the town of Lowell, Oregon. Thank you for your support! You are supporting great organizations in the small town of Lowell, population less than 1,000.

Be first! Shop now! You can make an advance purchase as a “Buy It Now” item, please contact Joyce. We are happy to ship the item if you live out of town (at additional cost). Depending on your browser, if you scroll over the pictures with your mouse you will see the item number. Then you can refer to the list at the bottom of the page for the item price and details.

All items remaining when the show starts on July 30, 2016 will be available in the Lowell Grange Hall for bidding. The silent auction will be held for only ONE DAY on Saturday, July 30, 2016 so make sure to come by early (we open the show at 10 am) and put in your bid. Bidding will close at 3 pm on the same day, and winners will be notified starting at 4 pm. Items can be picked up at 4 pm on Saturday or anytime during the show on Sunday.

  1. Pieced and quilted table runner. 13” x 44” – Buy It Now: $45
  2.  SOLD! Pieced and quilted table runner in fall colors. 13” x 48” – Buy It Now: $45
  3. Pieced and quilted kitchen set. Two potholders and towel. – Buy It Now: $25
  4. Market Bag with pieced and quilted pocket. 12” x 17” x 4” – Buy It Now: $25
  5. Two-color handmade U of O infinity scarf – Buy It Now: $25
  6. Black/White with red highlights “Escher-esk” quilt. Soft cotton flannel backing. Custom quilted. 44” x 56” – Buy It Now: $200
  7. Baby quilt with ‘challenge’ fabric. Cuddly fleece backing.   36” x 44” – Buy It Now: $50
  8. Holiday quilt with cuddly minky fabric 49″ x 60″ – Buy It Now: $100
  9. Wine Quilt 48″ x 87″ – Buy It Now: $125
  10. Baby Birthday Quilt – Buy It Now: $100
  11. Two Blue Checkerboard Pillow – Buy It Now: $50 (for both)
  12. SOLD! Blue Batik Shoulder Bag – Buy It Now: $15
  13. Hand crocheted dish rags (two) – Buy It Now: $15
  14. Rectangular Zipper Bag – Buy It Now: $15
  15. Jewel Shoulder Bag – Buy It Now: $45

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