2015 “Buy It Now” Auction Items

“Buy It Now” Silent Auction Items Opportunity!

These items are available for pre-purchase from now until July 20, 2015. All proceeds will be going to some wonderful causes here in our community of Lowell, Oregon! For more information, see where we donated last year by clicking here!

Please email Joyce if you are interesting in purchasing any of these items! Now let’s go shopping!

#1     Knit hat and fingerless gloves     $30     Artist:   Teri

#2     Lavender Sachets   $2.50 each or 2 for $5   Artist:  Catherine

#3     Red/White Print Fabric Bowl    10.5×2″   $20    Artist: Martha

#4     Animal Baby Quilt  38×41″  $150     Artist: Diane

#5     Dog Toy   $5    Artist: Lisa

#6     Pillow   $20     Artist: Lisa

#7     Wool recycled shawl     $30     Artist: Lisa

#8     Mug holder   $ 10     Artist: Lisa

#9     Christmas Tablerunner    $15    Artist: Joyce

#10    Kitchen Towel Set    $25   Artist: Wanda

#11    Coffee Cup Tablerunner  17×52″  #75   Artist: Catherine

#13    SOLD!!!   Grey/Challenge Print purse   $50   Artist: Nancy

#14    Many Pocket Batik purse  $50  Donated by: Lisa

#15    Quilting Books     $10 each or $35 for all 5    Donated by: Chris

#16     Young Man’s custom quilt   54×74″     #350   Artist: Wanda

#17    University of Oregon quilt   44×54″   #350    Artist: Wanda

#18    “Elizabeth” by Tula Pink quilt 56×57″  #250    Artist: Lora

#19    Kitty quilt  29×29″  $35     Artist: Lisa

#20    Orange batik potholders    $25    Artist: Martha

#21     Clutch bag/purse 12.5×7″   $25   Artist: Carey


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